Fully Customized License Plates

customized license plate Customized Design Oficial Size 6" X 12" License Plate

Custom license plates are a great give away. It’s a fantastic way to promote any event, brand, team, mitzvah or your favorite College / University.  Have fun having your own text, nicknames, names or any word they choose on a License Plate, we personalize each one of them on site. We customize your own design  for your License Plate with the theme of your event.  Our license plates are full color and come in a high quality Aluminum.



We also have mini license plates, size 3" x 5", version for bicycles, golf carts, as an invitation and more. Great option for corporate events, Mitzvahs and kids parties !!


You'll make a lasting impression with this favor!


6teen Mini Personalized License Plate, Bike size 3" X 5", we customize your design
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