Pre-Done Favors with Our Houston Picture Taking Service

If you are looking for a Houston picture taking service to handle custom license plates or photo balloons, Art and Fun is the right service for you. We are located nearby in The Woodlands, but we have traveled as far as Dallas for some events.

We’ll set up our photo booths at your event. We will use our green screen and editing skills to create the effect that you desire. We have done every kind of special occasion that we can think of and we are always looking for more. If your event is in Texas and you want fun novelty items available at it, just get in touch with us. Our on-site photos and videos will be treasured for a long time to come.

Custom License plates


It’s a fantastic way to promote any event, brand, team, logo, mitzvah or your favorite College / University.   We customize your License Plates with your own design.  Our license plates are full color and come in a high quality Aluminum. Visit our on-site photography and print business to get your hands on them! Contact us today to find out more.

6" x 12"   Retail Price $22.75

5" x 3"     Retail Price $12.75


Plus Tax & Shipping. Orders on 10 or more, please contact us for wholesale price.

Photo Balloons

Put your favorite photo on a custom Photo Balloon.
 Perfect for parties, wedding banquets, special events, promotions, or even greeting & invitation cards, etc. Photo Balloons are printed with 100% ink coverage on BOTH SIDES of the balloon. Photo Balloons can be deflated and re-inflated at any time. They come with a balloon stick that you inflate. Our unique Balloons never fail to WOW and always become the topic of conversation at any event or party!

Small Photo Balloon Heart, size 7.25" X 7" $9.95 each

Small Photo Balloon Round, size 7.125"     $9.95 each

Small Photo Balloon Star, size 6.75" x 7"    $9.95 each


Large Photo Balloon Heart, size 11" x 11"    $13.95 each

Large Photo Balloon Round, size 11"dia,.    $13.95 each

Large Photo Balloon Star, size 10.5"x10.5"  $13.95 each


Minimum order is 10, Plus tax & shipping. Orders on 25 and more, please contact us for wholesale price.

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